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What's Wrong with Ionization?
Why Ionizers Don't Work
Ozone naturally cleansesOzone naturally cleansesOzone naturally cleansesOzone naturally cleanses
One consumer guide states that:
"Ionics do little to clean the air.
They do a poor job of removing smoke, dust,
and pollen particles from the air
If you own one, try returning it for a refund!"

Ionizers DO NOT purify the air!

What's wrong with ion generators?

Too Much Ionization Turns Walls Black!

Ionizers produce a fresh clean smell, isn't that enough?

Will an ionizer kill mold and its odors?

Why are ionizers so popular?

Ionizers produce a fresh clean smell, isn't that enough?

You may notice that some brands ONLY ionization in their air purifiers.

Ionizers DO NOT purify the air!
Ions cannot kill mold or bacteria!

Too Much Ionization Turns Walls Black!

For purifying the air and removing odors only an ozone generator can kill viri, bacteria, and mold spores. Ionization has no effect whatsoever on these compounds. Ionizers are "toys" compared to a real ozone generator.
Ionization may make the air "smell" fresh but as soon as you turn the unit off the effect is over. Not so with ozone. Ozone kills bacteria, viri, and mold thereby removing the source of the odors, not just covering them up. Ozone also removes smoke, and smoke odors.

Ozone is a scientifically proven Mold Killer.   Click Here for scientific proof.

How does Ozone work?
Ozone kills the offending organisms of mold and bacteria.

It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.

What's wrong with ion generators?
Too Much Ionization Turns Walls Black!

Ion Generators simply negatively charge the air's ions so that floating dust particles will cling to a surface in the room, much in the way static electricity does.

There are a few problems associated with ion generators. To perform air cleaning with ionization, meaning removing pollutants, you need a very large amount of ions. More than has been recognized as a safe level.  According to air science,  indoor air has 100 to 200 ions per cubic cm, outdoor fresh air has 200 to 500 ions per cubic cm,  and a fresh clean forest will have 1,500 to 5,000 ions per cubic cm. 

Ion generators typically produce more than 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 negative ions per cubic cm. Some machines even boast an output of 500 trillion negative ions per cubic cm! 
This is simply too much. 

Overuse of negative ionization push dust particles to the walls and floor. In fact for ionization to be truly effective, ionizers must generate so many ions that they cause headaches and sore throats.

Our ozone generators produce reasonable levels of negative ions of about 10,000 to 30,000 per cubic cm., which is more than enough to gain the positive benefits of negative ionization.

If we had discovered that higher ionization levels would have been truly helpful we could have easily built these kind of negative ion outputs into our machines. After careful testing we found extremely high amounts of negative ions were not effective in purifying the air. Too many ions gives a false sense of clean air and they become irritating to breathe very quickly.

More is not always better!

The fact is even with this overabundance of ionization there is only limited, 
temporary air cleaning being done and ZERO Air Purifying being accomplished.
Nothing is being killed by the ions. Nothing is being Purified.

In other words ionizers are simply pushing around 
the floating dirt to the surfaces in your room!

Too Much Ionization Turns Walls Black!

The problem with this is that the same dust can be kicked right back into the air for you to breathe. The dirt that does not begin to float again will stick to whatever surface is close. After a few months walls, floors, appliances, and furniture begin to build up a layer of dirt on them. If you put an ionizer on a table near a wall, the wall will develop a black halo of dirt in just a couple of days.

Some ionizers claim to have plates that collect the dirt.
In truth they can only collect less than 5% of the dirt. The other 95% of the dust, bacteria, and mold spores end up on your walls, floors, and belongings. 

How is an ion that is shot across a room, attaching itself to a dust particle, supposed to travel all the way back to a dust collection plate on an ionizer from 10-20 feet away? 

The answer is it cannot be done. In fact if the ion does travel across the room, the particle it attaches itself to will adhere to the closest possible positively charged surface, that being your walls, floor, ceiling or anything else it is close to. This is not rocket science, it is simple physics. 

Even ionizers that draw air through them and collect dust as it is passing by are not efficient for capturing dust.  They are still emitting ions far into the air in front of the machine. 
These ions then attach themselves to dust particles. If the ion flow or the airflow of the ionizer is strong the dust will never be able to find it's way back to the ionizers collection plate. 

The dust will then, of course, attach itself to ANY positively charged surface in your home. 

If the ionizer is weak it will do hardly any good at all at capturing dust particles. If it has a strong ionic or airflow then the ions will break away from the machine and cause the dust to be collected on the surfaces of your home. 
Either way and ionizer will not eliminate dust.
Many ionizer ad's claim that the ions will eliminate dust. What does that mean? 
Where does the dust go? It HAS to go somewhere.

This nonsense that ions will simply "drop the dust out of the air" to be vacuumed up at a later date is simply not true. Simple physics state that the dust MUST adhere to the closest positively charged surface, most likely your walls and furniture.

The truth is almost all ionizers will cause the dreded "black wall effect" where they will turn your walls black with dust.  Mold-Kill Ozone Generators will not cause your walls to turn black like common ionizers will because our machines only produce very small amounts of ionization.

Six months after you start using an ionizer you will have MORE bacteria collected in your home than before you started! 

The use of ionization only makes a dust problem WORSE!

Realize that all so called "air cleaning" ionizers do is limited to pushing around lightweight particles of dust. They cannot effectively kill odors, nor can they remove large particles such as pet dander. 

If in fact you have severe dust problems it is much better to collect dust in a true HEPA filter rather than have an ionizer create a film of dirt on your household surfaces. We also feature a high quality line of the worlds best HEPA filters for serious dust & dander problems.

For removing larger particles of dust and dander a HEPA filter is much more effective than an ionizer.

HEPA filters collect the dust and dander rather than just pushing around the room as an ionizer does, so that it does not start  floating around again. 
The idea is to remove the dust from your home, not simply move it from here to there.
Mold-Kill sells quality, hospital grade Austin Air HEPA filters that are more cost effective than store bought brands. Please CLICK HERE to view them.

These are the best HEPA filters available today!

For removing odors, and light dust only OZONE works the best by killing offending the organisms.

If serious dust and odors are present, a combination of an ozone generator and a HEPA filter is the best method of dealing with the problem.

A room that has had a previous High Ozone Shock Treatment will smell much fresher than a room with an ionizer currently running.

Ionizers claim they are "Ozone Free" and are "safer" than ozone generators.
What that really means is that they can't kill any mold or bacteria.

Some ionizers claim to turn pollution into oxygen. REAL pollution such as hyrdocarbons can't be turned into oxygen. Dust or pollen can't be turned into oxygen. Ozone can be turned into oxygen, but ozone is NOT pollution.

Some ionizers claim to have special devices that eliminate ozone, what they mistakenly call SMOG, and turn it into oxygen.

Ozone is NOT smog, and eliminating the ozone actually PREVENTS the SMOG which are actually toxic hydrocarbons from automobiles, from being cleaned from the air.

Click Here for more information about OZONE and SMOG.

Ionizers produce a fresh clean smell, isn't that enough?

A fresh smell is no substitute for air purifying.

 The electrically charged air produced from an ionizer can produce a fresh odor.
The problem is that it is only a temporary fix. As soon as the ionizer is turned off the effect is essentially over! With an ozone generator odors can literally be killed so that when it is turned off the odors are vanished not simply being "covered up".

Ozone Generators can also be used to give high ozone "shock treatments" to unoccupied areas. These high ozone treatments are very effective in killing odor producing organisms.
Once the organisms are killed by a high ozone shock treatment, the odor will be removed, not just covered up by the temporary effects of ionization.

A room that has had a high ozone shock treatment for a few hours the night before
will smell much fresher than a room with an ionizer constantly running!

Even with a very high ion level of 10,000,000 per cubic cm, odors can only be covered up. 
A high concentration ion treatment will have little or no effect in permanently removing odors. Those high ion levels can also cause headaches and sore throats. So way before ionization can have any real effect it becomes obnoxious.

Terms such as needle point ionization are simply catch phrases with no meaning. The method of ion generation makes no difference whatsoever. Either the ions are negatively charged or they are not. Too much is still too much.

Only OZONE can truly purify the air, remove odors, and kill many types of bacteria.

Will an ionizer kill mold and its odors?

Absolutely Not!

Ions will NOT kill mold!

Ionizers don't kill any organisms, therefore they have no effect on mold or mold odors. If you smell mold in your home, you have mold. Medical studies have found that mold & mildew are the #1 causes of allergic symptoms.
The Black Mold Stachybotrys found in homes, offices, and schools has been linked to fatal pulmonary disorders.

Why are ionizers so popular?

The answer is two fold;

At first, when a person first smells the odor coming out of an ionizer, they are very impressed by the fresh spring like smell of the air coming out of it.  That fresh smell is what sells the product. 

Unfortunately that fresh smell is only temporary, since it lasts only until the ionizer is turned off. 
Ions have no ability to kill any organisms, and therefore no odors. 
On the other hand, ozone kills the bacteria and mold, so it removes the odor, it doesn't just cover it up. 

Secondly, ionizers are very popular because they are very cheap to build, and sell for high dollar amounts. 
The leading manufacturer of ionizers sell their product on TV (you know the ones we mean).
They sell them for $350.00 or more, yet this product costs them about $35.00 to produce. 

We know the cost to build these products because we are equipment manufacturers ourselves.

Manufacturers make huge profits on ionizers, sometimes over 1000%, so they have no interest in ceasing to sell them. They are an easy "sell" because of the fresh smell to the unknowing consumer.

If we wanted to sell ionizers for outrageous profits we could.  They are not hard to build.
We choose not to sell ionizers because we know not only do they not work, they make bacterial problems worse. They do so by electronically gluing bacteria, mold spores, and dust to your walls, floor, and ceiling.

Ozone actually kills bacteria, mold spores, and viri, by destroying them, and leaving only harmless oxygen remaining.

By testing mold spore counts before and after ozonation, by the use of a mold testing kit, we can prove ozone can kill mold and bacteria.
Ionization subjected to the same tests, no matter how powerful, has any effect on the mold whatsoever.

This is NOT possible with an ionizer. The moment you turn off the ionizer the effect is over.

Can UV light kill mold?

This is a quote from General Electric concerning their germicidal UV lamps.

"No. Once mold has already formed, ultraviolet energy will not eliminate it."

Only a true high powered ozone generator can kill mold with high ozone shock treatments.

It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.

We carry a full line of mold killing OZONE GENERATORS
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Featuring a patented 21st century design, 
wireless remote control,
electronic control panel,  fully variable ozone levels, 
and a free built in timer!
Capable of light Mold Shock Treatments
The new XT-400, and XT-800 set the standard for the industry.
Great for a large room, capable of high ozone shock treatments
Click Here
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Super Heavy Duty Professional Models
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements
Produces Zero Nitrogen Oxides
21st Century High-Tech Design
Fully variable ozone output control 
of either 2000, 4000, or 6000 mghr.!
Highest ozone output
for the dollar anywhere!

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This ozone generator  kills deadly mold spores!!!
Mold-Kill XT-14000
Professional High Powered Ozone Generator
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements
Produces Zero Nitrogen Oxides
21st Century high tech Design
Features astounding ozone outputs of
4500, 9000, or 14000 mg/hr
Our Ozone outputs are rated in HIGH HUMIDITY environments.

to learn more about the amazing XT-14000!
Mold-Kill XT-28000
Professional High Powered Ozone Generator
U.S. Patented Ozone Elements
Produces Zero Nitrogen Oxides
21st Century high tech Design
Features astounding ozone outputs of
9300, 18600, or 28000 mg/hr
Our Ozone outputs are rated in HIGH HUMIDITY environments.

to learn more about the amazing XT-28000!
The XT-24000 is the most advanced ozone generator in the world!

Ozone helps destroy, not just cover up these kinds of odors

Household Odors
Indoor Air Pollution
Fire & Flood Restorations
Mold & Mildew 
Hotel / Motel Rooms
New Carpeting Fumes
Smoking Lounges
Pet Odors
Boat Bilge Odors
Chemical Fumes
Garbage Areas
Auto Restorations
Vermin & Pest Control
Furniture Restorations
Clothing Restorations
    It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
    Click Here for scientific proof.

Mold-Kill carries the worlds best high quality true HEPA filters.
Perfect for a living room or a bedroom!
Austin Air Filters are affordable and far better than store bought filters
These are the best HEPA air filters made!
5 year main HEPA Filter Warranty - The BEST in the Business!
Out Performs ANY Store Bought Filter
For those situations when dust, pollen, mold spores,
and pet dander need to be filtered out of the air.

Austin Air HEPA Filters offer the most affordable solution available.
Ionizers can't "remove" any dust from your home, but an Austin Air HEPA Filter can!

Much higher quality than store bought air filters, all these filters come with a 5 year warranty.
CLICK HERE to see all our professional True HEPA Filters.

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It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
Click Here for scientific proof.

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